Tomahawk, WI 9/23/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Medbox Inc (OTCMKTS:MDBX) operates a machine which is designed to use biometric identification in dispensing medication to patients. This machine has become an integral part of the services provided by health care professionals, especially when they are dispensing medication which is quite sensitive in nature. Because of this machine, health care professionals are now free of stress when dispensing sensitive drugs. This company has both national and international presence. The company is opting to focus more on newer markets to raise revenues.

 MDBX Paying Closer Attention to Emerging Markets

 Emerging medical states are among the new markets which MDBX has decided to pay closer attention to. Some of these states which it hopes will help it to increase its revenue through improved sales, include Connecticut, Vermont, Nevada, Illinois, Oregon and Massachusetts. It is building out facilities in all these states while also handling license applications for its many medical solutions. The states of Washington and Colorado are also within its plans. If the company can succeed in these states, it will be on its way towards retaining its place as a leader.

 MDBX To Raise $5M in revenue from Each State

 Medbox Inc has been quite successful with its Arizona business, and hopes to replicate the same in these new markets. It also intends to push the sale of its services in the new recreational marijuana states within the U.S. This may prove challenging outside the U.S, but I think MDBX will eventually find a way of making its presence felt abroad as well in terms of providing solutions to cater for recreational and medical use of marijuana. The company intends to earn revenues to the tune of $5 million per state through its consultancy and technology services.

 It is worth pointing out that the recreational and medical markets are still considered infants and emerging. The full potential in these markets is yet to be realized. As a market leader, MDBX is better placed more than any other company to earn more from its technological solutions for the recreational and medical fields. Since these markets are still at infancy, there aren’t too many licenses issued within them thus giving great advantage to companies such as MDBX. This is a company whose track record in terms of managing businesses for others is beyond reproach.

 MDBX Track Records to Work in its favor

 MDBX is already using its past successes and proven track record in this industry to market itself better as the best alternative to the many consultants who are issuing unrealistic claims. Some of the consultants in this field, who are also competitors to MDBX, are duplicating the work which this company has been doing in the market. They are also overcharging for their services probably with the intention of duping their clients. Fortunately, MDBX has taken a completely different approach and its past successes may actually work for it.

 It is for the reasons above that I fully support and laud the decision by MDBX to get into these markets. They are yet to be fully exploited and if MDBX develops a good strategy it may yet continue occupying its place as the most profitable company in this industry. It is already a stock which many analysts have decided to put on their watch lists since they expect a lot from the company. It is already a strong performer in the OTC Markets, and this trend should continue for quite some time.

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