If you love electric vehicles, there is a very high chance that the one you desire to buy or already own was designed, developed, manufactured and sold to you by Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA). Moreover, the company already has a fully functional sales and services component. The company has developed quite an ambitious plan which will hopefully help propel it into the European market. As an investor this is the sort of news which should make you greatly excited since if the plan succeeds, TSLA will be one of the major players in this infant industry.


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Tesla Has Always Had a Plan for Penetrating Europe

While it is true that the company has always had a plan to get into the European market, the difference between now and then is that it is no longer a desire, but something tangible is being done to make this a reality. Secondly, what has prevented TSLA from gaining getting a proper point through which to enter the European market has been the many challenges which are posed by the numerous supercharger stations. Tesla has opted to focus on a few markets which it has been doing very well in and these include Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Norway.

The decision to enter the European market fully is one which TSLA can greatly benefit from going forward. If the plan does well as it is expected to, the company will enjoy tremendous levels of growth and expansion in this very important market. The way in which TSLA intends to achieve its goal is by putting up several supercharger stations in many European nations. The distance from one supercharger station to the next would be around 320km. It intends to accomplish this task possibly by the end of 2014, thus giving it a proper foothold in this market.

Tesla’s Ways of Simplifying Ownership of Electric Vehicles

TSLA intends to put up more Tesla Motors Inc stores as well as service centers in a number of European cities by the end of 2013. The cities which will be covered by this plan include Geneva, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Arnhem, London, Rotterdam, Stavanger, Basel, Stockholm, Cote d’Azur/Provence and Vienna as well as Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. This is wonderful news since it means that one can drive from one city to the next one with very little difficult using his or her electric vehicle. This bodes well for the whole industry as well.

Tesla Shareholders Have Every Reason to be Excited

This is the time when investors holding TSLA stock ought to be the happiest more than at any other point in the past. TSLA appears to be ready and willing to take leadership in this industry if we are to base this on its intention to serve the needs of its European markets in relation to making it easier for customers to own and drive electric cars. The stock has rallied very strongly in the recent past, perhaps as a result of its decision to delve into the European market and make it foray here a reality rather than something which is planned at some point in the future.

The future looks very bright for TSLA shareholders, all thanks to the European market.

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