Tomahawk, WI 10/30/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has enjoyed a stellar 2013 up to this point. It has seen the demand for its electric vehicles grow quite substantially in 2013, to a point where it sells close to 5,000 units every three months. Its latest model, the Model S, is now the best car of 2013. The company has said it is working on building more super stations along the roads where electric cars will be recharged. TSLA now wishes to focus its efforts in to gaining entry into Europe, and it intends to start by increasing its presence in UK from next year, 2014.

TSLA’s Move is Justifiable

This move is justifiable no matter how you look at it. TSLA needs to shed its image of being a major powerhouse only in the U.S. It cannot continue to rely heavily on the U.S market to boost its sales and revenue. It needs to widen its operations all over the world so that its sales and revenue figures are better than they have ever been. TSLA intends to enter UK through its partnership with Bollore SA, a French company. This partnership will see a huge increase in TSLA’s infrastructures, which mostly include supercharger stations, in the UK.

TSLA To Build First Supercharger in UK By March 2014

One of the major hindrances TSLA has faced in its efforts towards increasing its presence worldwide is the absence of superchargers. This is what it seeks to address through its investments in the UK. It intends to improve the quality and quantity of its superchargers in the UK so that owners of its electric vehicles can travel anywhere across the country with minimum fuss. The company has put a timeline to these efforts, and hopes to be done with the upgrade and construction of its supercharger stations across the UK by the end of next year, 2014.

Currently, TSLA lacks a single supercharger facility in the UK. The company hopes it will address this issue when it builds its first supercharger facility during the first quarter of next year. Customers from all corners of the world already love and crave for electric cars. However, the only reason they have not bought or placed orders for these cars is that they cannot charge them. This is the similar case in the UK and TSLA hopes to change this when it builds its first supercharger station by the end of the first quarter in 2014. I believe this is a realistic goal.

TSLA’s Success in the UK depends on Presence of Supercharger Stations

A supercharger station in the UK is paramount if TSLA intends to achieve meaningful sales in the country. Generally, an electric car can only travel for around 150 miles before it runs out of power. If there is no supercharger station where it can recharge, electric car will be rendered impotent and ineffective. This is why TSLA must focus on building not only one but also several supercharging stations, and to spread them all over the UK. Its Model S currently goes for $62,500 in the US, but from March 2014, the same car will retail for $55,000 in the UK.

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