Tomahawk, WI 10/18/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Twitter Inc should be launching its IPO late in October 2013. Once its IPO concludes, the company should start trading publicly in mid-November. Twitter has been accepted to trade on NYSE, which is quite popular with certain tech world stocks such as LinkedIn, Pandora Media Inc and Yelp Inc. Why has Twitter chosen NYSE over NASDAQ? I believe there are a number of reasons why NYSE finds Twitter to be the most suitable stock exchange trade. In this article, we look at the reasons why Twitter settled on NYSE being the platform where it will trade.

NYSE Boasts of 8,000 Corporate Stocks

NYSE already enjoys the backing of more than 8,000 corporate stocks as well as other securities. This makes NYSE one of the most suitable for Twitter, since the latter will need every help it can get to attract many investors. More than eighty percent of S&P 500 is listed on NYSE. Close to ninety percent of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is also listed on NYSE. This is also, where you will get seventy percent of the largest corporations in the world operating. Consequently, it makes sense to discover that these are among the reasons why Twitter is to trade on NYSE.

NYSE is a Publicly Traded Company

Let it not be forgotten that NYSE is a publicly traded company, where its Ticker symbol is NYS. The more than three thousand employees working for and at NYSE make it well equipped with the right quality and quantity of personnel. NYSE has struggled to make itself appealing to tech stocks. NASDAQ dominates this market, but NYSE appears to be gaining ground quite fast. Twitter’s IPO is the most anticipated in 2013, and the interest in this stock will not wane even after it starts trading as a public company in November.  Twitter has a lot to gain while at NYSE.

Twitter’s Underwriter is Goldman Sachs

Twitter Inc has already chosen Goldman Sachs as its lead underwriter. It has not publicized its IPO documents and has opted to keep everything private, at least up to this moment. Twitter’s value is estimated to be in the range of $10.5 billion and $18 billion. Twitter is without doubt one of the largest tech companies in the world. If it finally lists on NYSE, it will influence similar behavior and reaction from the rest of the industry. Many tech firms will follow Twitter Inc to NYSE in the coming months as more IPOs are launched across the industry.

Therefore, my advice for investors interested in buying Twitter Inc stock is that they start getting familiar with how NYSE stocks. The earlier you start gaining this language, the easier it will be for you going forward. Just as Facebook took a long time to recover once it launched its IPO, I think Twitter Inc’s IPO may perform much better. Twitter ranks as the second most popular social media site after Facebook. It already boasts of around 500 million active users globally, compared to Facebook’s total that has already exceeded the 1-billion mark.

As Twitter starts and continues to trade on NYSE, we will get a better idea why it settled for this stock exchange and none other.

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