Tomahawk, WI 9/25/2013 (BasicsMedia) – There have been reports circulating around to the effect that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) would make a comeback as the company’s new CEO now that Steve Ballmer has retired. It is not a hidden fact that Gates played a major role in speeding up Ballmer’s retirement from the helm of MSFT; therefore, the consensus has always been that he would come back for a second stint as the main man at this globally recognized software company.  Why would the industry contemplate or be entertaining Gates’ return to MSFT?

 It is an open secret that MSFT is not enjoying the same levels of revenue like it used to in the past. The sale of its Windows, which remains its flagship product, has suffered a lot in the recent past. MSFT has suffered a slump in its fortunes and finances and this hasn’t gone unnoticed both within the industry and among shareholders. The fact that Apple has been doing rather well compared to MSFT is also not lost on observers. Investors have been demanding for changes at MSFT to make it competitive once again rather than being one-dimensional like it has been.

 MSFT’s Acquisition of Nokia Never Worked Out

 The acquisition of Nokia’s phone unit by MSFT has not helped matters as well for MSFT. The company had thought that this move on Nokia’s phone unit would create a new atmosphere which would help the company to do very well. But what it was hoping for hasn’t come to pass and this is quite troubling. MSFT has even been forced to develop its own tablets, aptly named Surface and Surface 2 Pro. The latter is still new in the market but the former has been around for quite a while though it hasn’t performed as would have been expected of such a product.

 It is against this background that there was a lot of speculation linking Gates with a move back to MSFT as its CEO. This would have been understandable and the industry already has an example to look up to. Michael Dell has bought his company, DELL, back with the intention of making it more competitive than it has been. DELL has been struggling quite a bit primarily due to the poor sales of PCs, which has been its primary source of revenue. Therefore, had Gates succeeded in coming back to run MSFT, it would not have been without precedent.

 Bill Gates has stated that he can’t manage to get back into full time management of MSFT. His reason is that he is currently very busy running his charity foundation to get the time required to manage a company of MSFT’s caliber. Because of this turn of events, MSFT will have to look elsewhere for inspiration regarding how it moves going forward. The new CEO has a hard job in his/her hands to turn the fortunes of this global company around and make it more profitable than it has been of late. Gates decision not to run MSFT is good for the incoming CEO.

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