Tomahawk, WI 11/07/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) which is a world leader in the smartphone and software industry is arguably one of the best stocks that one can pay a closer attention In terms of investment options. Trade-Ideas LLC has already identified Microsoft as a pre-market leader in various aspects sure to return good returns on investments in the coming years. Microsoft as of the moment commands an average dollar volume, measured by multiplying average daily share and share price of $1.8 billion. Microsoft businesses mainly revolve around developing licensing and supporting software’s and the manufacture of hardware devices.

Over the past 30 days Microsoft Corporation has been trading over 50.5 million worth of shares a day making it one of the most active companies in the stock exchange. The company stock currently commands a high yield dividend return of 3.2% with a PE ratio of 13.3. Microsoft through consensus of 10 analysts is rated as a buy indicating its stability and future profitability in the market with no analysts rating it as a sell. The company commands a market capitalization of $296.6 billion making it one of the biggest counters in the technology sector, computer software and services industry. Microsoft currently commands a Beta of 0.77 and short of 0.9% with its shares performing exceedingly well in the market increasing by 33% since the start of the year.

 Microsoft strength can be seen in areas such as revenue growth accompanied with a large financial backing with one of the lowest debt levels in the industry. Recent acquisition of Nokia is a clear indication of the heights the company is set to climb in the coming years. The company currently commands good return on equity ratios with attractive valuation levels. These strengths essentially supersede signs of weak operating cash flow. The company revenue growth for the year has already outpaced the industry average of 7.8% with the revenues growing by 15% in the third quarter alone as compared to the same quarter revenues a year ago. The growth in revenues has trickled down the company enabling it improve its earnings per share to its shareholders.

 The Company debt to equity ratio is at an all-time low of 0.20 as compared to the industry average indicating good management tactics to curb the debt margins from the company top brass. The company also commands a good quick ratio of 2.65 indicating its ability to cover up for short term cash requirements. Microsoft stock has been growing over the past years surpassing analyst’s expectation a clear indication of a company that is on a roll sure to do even better in the coming years. It is always  true that any stock can fall in the market but it is also good to note that Microsoft stock is one of the best with a good upside potential. Comparing Microsoft with other fierce players in the same industry, then it is the real deal as it continues to command a good return on equity

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