Tomahawk, WI 10/21/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), with a market cap of more than $292.2 billion, is ranked as one of the top ten brands internationally. The company’s Windows Operating System is one of the most sought after and used in the world, on PCs, laptops and now on Smartphones as well. For a long time, analysts have advised that investors treat this stock as a hold, but this appears to have changed in the last few days. MSFT still has great potential and I think things can work very well for it in the coming days, and months. Why should you buy MSFT?

Operating Structure Changes in MSFT Good for Business

Regardless of the Wall Street expert you talk to on MSFT, you will hear that you must take keen interest in the changes that are underway within this company. Its operating structure is about to change, while it has embarked on a search for a new CEO, now that Steve Ballmer is stepping down from the helm of a company he helped found with Bill Gates. The operating structure in MSFT is to change and this will help streamline the company’s portfolio going forward, which has never been the best for many years now and has relegated MSFT behind other tech firms.

Apple Inc is not as old as MSFT, but it is the biggest brand in the world right now, ahead of companies such as Google Inc and Coca Cola. However, a new CEO will help the company maintain better capital allocation, while focusing on developing a more solid portfolio focus going forward. Investors have been of the opinion that this would have been impossible to achieve under the leadership of Steve Ballmer, and needed a new person at the helm to pull through. I totally agree with them, but the transition has to be smooth for MSFT to achieve this.

MSFT Will Not Suffer a lot from Declining Windows OS

Windows Operating System is not in the same level it once was. It is in decline, but the increasing level of competitiveness that Intel Corporation brings on board, will help to compensate for this decline. This is an upside for MSFT that it can milk and use appropriately to see its long-term prospects improve. As MSFT continues to focus on cloud services, where Azure and Office 365 already enjoy better ratings and increased popularity, this will help its long-term prospects as well. The company will raise its value per customer with these services.

MSFT continues to benefit a great deal from intellectual property. MSFT’s Android devices have helped the company to earn more in royalties and this will continue for a long time. Even though Bing is not bringing in a lot of revenue or profits to MSFT, the royalties it receives from Android devices can help it a great deal. The company’s decision to diversify continues to impress me, and this will help to protect it from overreliance on a single product, Windows MS. MSFT’s decision to enter the tablet market will bring in some extra revenue and help improve profits.

These are the reasons convincing me that this is the right time to buy MSFT

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