Tomahawk, WI 10/02/2013 (BasicsMedia) – While it is true that Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) has always been one of the most attractive stocks to investors, it may have lose a bit of its allure due to a number of reasons. The stock is not as active as it sued to be in the past. It has suffered similar fate which other financial institutions have gone through in the last two to three years. This scenario has remained constant for years when large banks of BAC’s size in the U.S. were blamed for having triggered the financial crisis which went on to affect the rest of the world as well. Will it be attractive again?

 No Current Evidence on Whether BAC is Attractive

 Currently, there seems to be very little evidence as to whether the bank can ever be attractive to investors again. A number of Wall Street analysts keep downgrading this stock week in week out. Even those who had rated this stock as a “buy” have now retreated and changed their minds. Most are now rating BAC as a “neutral” stock which no one should buy or even trade in. This is the latest case despite the bank’s year on year increase of around 57%. There is very little evidence on whether it is attractive to right now, or if it will ever be in the future.

 Generally, the stock has been declining. The latest data indicates that it has dropped by close to 2.5% and it likely to continue on this trend unless something unexpected takes place to change this. A stick’s downgrade is often done after the company has gone through a number of situations which have affected the stock’s perception in Wall Street as well as by the rest of the public and investors. However, there is always hope that something can happen to turn the bank’s fortunes around. Let’s not forget that it still has a market cap of around $149.33 billion.

BAC Can Turn Around The Bad Situation

 What gives me hope that the company could yet succeed in turning its fortunes around is the fact that it still boasts of close to 10.74 billion outstanding shares. If the bank changed its strategies on few issues, and tweaked its business model slightly, I believe it could start making money once again. It has great potential and the fact that other large U.S. banks have succeeded in turning their fortunes around and are now attractive to investors and the public at large, means BAC can achieve the same results, despite the uniqueness of each stock.

 The company has also spent a lot of time trying to answer charges brought against it in court. There is a case where it has agreed to settle at $32 million, which is believed to be a record of sorts under the 1991 Law. This case related to charges that the company made threatening calls on customers who hadn’t paid back the debt they owed. The company has denied these charges, but, nevertheless, has opted to settle so as to stop the case from dragging on in court. It is not the only U.S company which has faced these charges.

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