Tomahawk, WI 8/05/2013 (Basicsmedia) – The founder of Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) appears to be stern to take his brainchild back to his private hold. It appears that Michael Dell and his private equity partner would not stop until they get hold of the leading global information technology company and with every day the bid for the shares seems to be moving upward. On the other hand, the billionaire activist and one of the largest shareholders of the company, Carl Icahn is continuing his fight to keep the computer maker with the common shareholders. The battle over the position of Dell is far from over, with continuing struggles between the two ends.

New Addition to the Buyout Offer

With Michael Dell and the investment firm, Silver Lake Partners LLC continuing to change their bid to the shares of Dell Inc. to woo the shareholders to vote for the offer, the scheduled shareholders meeting on Friday is to be postponed by another month. While the offer was fixed at $13.75 per share for the struggling computer maker, the recent offer from the buyers had been to pay one time shareholder dividends of 13 cents per share. It had further been assured that the shareholders would receive a dividend of 8 cents per share for the third quarter of this fiscal year before the buyout deal is closed.

The fact that Michael Dell had decided to personally finance this one time shareholder payout of 13 cents per share further ascertains the level of commitment of the founder to take his company private. With this new addition to the bid offer, the shareholders meeting had been postponed to September 12, 2013 and shareholders who hold the company’s shares as on August 13, 2013 would be eligible to vote at the meeting.

Voting Rule Tweak

Michael Dell however had been making stern attempts to ensure that there are no votes against him at the shareholders meeting. One major sticking point had been about the present regulation that the votes of shareholders who abstain from voting would be considered to be votes against the takeover bid. The recent increase in the offer for the buyout had been made with the major objective to remove this rule so that there are no unnecessary votes against the deal.

However, the special committee of the shareholders on this buyout deal had recently rejected the offer at $13.75 per share, especially if it is to be based on this voting rule tweak. It is now expected that the committee would reconsider their stance with the new addition of dividend payments to the takeover deal. There had been strong criticism from major investors of Dell Inc. including Carl Icahn stating that the buyout offer was too low for the leading computer maker. They had also been putting forward another complex alternative offer to ensure control over the company.

With all such news around Dell Inc, shares of the Round Rock, Texas based company had been surging in prices for the past few trading sessions to touch their peaks and had further attracted huge volume of investors. The uncertainty on the future position of this global player in the technology sector still remains with the continuing battle for the private hold of its shares undecided.

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