The world of integrated digital technology is what Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) specializes in. It is the foremost producer of chipsets and microprocessors. Its major customers include almost all the globally renowned manufacturers operating in both the computers and communications industries. You are likely to find its products being used in medical devices, automated systems in factories, personal computers, automobiles, smartphones and tablets among others. Is it on the losing lane, or are will it rise from these like the proverbial Phoenix?


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Intel Needs to Continue Being The Main Producer of Processors

INTC’s main source of revenue has been the microchips and microprocessors it has developed for use in PCs. This has been its main source of revenue, but now appears to be under threat. As PC sales continue to plummet worldwide, this trend is not affecting Intel only, but every other company which has been heavily dependent on the same. Companies are now being forced to look at new ways of attracting money lest they face backlash from their investors. Fortunately, INTC appears to have seen the future and is already addressing some of these challenges.

If INTC is to survive it has to work hard on ensuring that it never loses its position as the top manufacturer of processors. In order to achieve this, it has started looking at ways of creating processors for tablets and some of the latest and most modern mobile devices. Plans are already in motion to ensure that this becomes a reality from the second half of 2014, and if everything goes according to plan, Intel will have probably found a way of remaining relevant in the ever changing and competitive business environment.

Intel Is Looking At the Future

Intel has seen it fit to come up with its own new Smartphone System on a Chip. This is expected to give it a share of the Smartphone market, which is already dominated by global companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung to mention but just a few. This is proof that the company has realized that it cannot afford to rest in its laurels when all indicators point to the fact that the PC sales will continue dropping as new and better products enter the market. Many had complained in the past about Intel’s inability and slowness in responding to the new challenges.

Intel Is Still Alive

These latest developments point at the fact that the company is not dead and buried as some have been suggesting. I think it is still too early to write off Intel, based on the measures it has already put in place to propel it into the future and maintain its position as a major manufacturer of processors for tablets and smartphones. Many analysts were even prepared to label Intel stock as an underweight, but I would ask for a little caution. Although there was a time when everything seemed bleak, I believe this is a stock which deserves to be labeled as a neutral.

While it is true that INTC isn’t one if the favorite stocks for many investors, including Wall Street, there exists hope for its future after all.

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