Tomahawk, WI 9/23/2013 (BasicsMedia) – If you operate a small business, which is locally based, and you need products geared towards local customer acquisition, the best solutions are those provided by LiveDeal Inc (NASDAQ:LIVE). If you have items which must be tried before buying, or are hard to transport via shipment, LIVE would still offer you the best platform to get a market for them. This firm offers web-based platform through which these types of transactions can be undertaken. The company has just announced the launching of Is this what it needs to increase profitability?

 LIVE is a Sought-After Online Solutions Provider

 LIVE is one of the most sought after provider of online marketing solutions. The solutions it offers have played a major role in helping many small businesses to increase their visibility and create awareness of their existence among customers. It now appears to have taken a keen interest on the affairs of restaurants quite a lot. It intends to give restaurants an opportunity through which they can enjoy more profits and growth, and promises to do this through its newly launched This new product will give restaurants more control of their operations.

 LIVE’s New Product Geared to help Restaurants

 Restaurants need a platform through which they can publish any offer they are running instantaneously. But this hasn’t been possible in the past and LIVE may just have hit a jackpot with this move. This is a product whose interface is quite user friendly. It gives restaurants a platform through which they can now advertise any offer they have, especially those which are time-limited. Secondly, restaurants will find this to be a powerful tool since it gives them the power to publish offers immediately. If used well, it can make LIVE a very profitable stock.

 There are often days where the restaurants are not as busy as they would want. Through the tool, restaurants can now customize their offers to fit these days and ensure they are still able to attract clients to their facilities. I foresee a situation where restaurants will demand for this service because of the opportunities it gives them to increase their revenues by making more sales. This would be of greater benefit to LIVE since it will also ensure the company sees an upsurge in its profits. The end result is that everyone is a winner.

 This tool gives restaurants total control through restricting how many vouchers can be available at any given moment. The geo-location technology fitted on is quite fitting for restaurants and their clients alike. A lot of thought was put into making this newly launched tool one of the best in the business. It can be customized by restaurants the way they think befits them. This announcement has already led to the shares of LIVE improving, and I know that as long as the effectiveness of is not under threat, there are more good times ahead.

 It is this development which has convinced me to believe that LIVE is about to enter a period of continued profitability and growth. For a company with a market cap of $15.40 million, the web-based solutions it keeps churning out from its premises, will give it more influence and investors as well as customers will soon grow to trust it fully.

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