Tomahawk, WI 8/15/2013 (Basicsmedia) – The oil and gas industry in the U.S has been one of the most profitable. The demand for oil and gas has been on the increase not only in the U.S but the rest of the world as well. Companies continue to rake in huge amounts of profits in record numbers, and the best news is that this is taking place right across the industry as a whole. Old or young oil and gas companies, as well as those which are well known brands and the ones which aren’t, are enjoying this boon in the industry.  The last decade has perhaps been one of the most profitable for the industry.

Presently, there appears to be nothing in the horizon which will stop oil and gas companies from continuing to enjoy these record levels of profitability. Unless the world was to change its source of energy to something quite different from oil and gas, what are usually referred to as the alternative sources of energy, the companies operating in this industry are set for huge profits, which will make them the envy of their counterparts in other industries. An example is seen in the fact that the price of oil per barrel has shot up from $23 to around $80 in the last ten years.

WG Performance Compared with the Big Players

Willbros operates in an industry which already has some of the biggest and most profitable companies, not only in the U.S and Canada, but to the rest of the world. An example of such companies include Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM), which reported record profits to have ever been declared by a corporate firm in the U.S to the tune of $45.2 billion in 2008. Similarly, Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX) reported profits to the tune of $24 billion within the same year, that is, 2008.

Willbros isn’t doing so badly either. It is on its way up despite being a relatively small player compared to those which were mentioned in the previous paragraph. It recently posted some impressive and encouraging financial results, which indicated that the company was profitable. It reported revenue of $487.86 million, which was a drop of around 2.26% from those declared within the same quarter last year. Moreover, this was still quite impressive although the company failed to beat analyst estimates of around $503.04 million.

Why You Need to Invest More in Willbros Stock

Anyone with investments in Willbros should expect remarkable improvements in terms of profits when the financial results for the next quarter are announced. The fact that the company still appears to be struggling to make its oil and gas division as profitable as can be expected, provides adequate reason why investors and industry analysts should be optimistic. There is hope that the company will continue to experience major levels of growth going forward. The market is already showing its appreciation through the increase in the company’s stock price.

Willbros should not be discounted at all. The company is in a healthy financial situation and its various divisions are bringing in good revenue.

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