Tomahawk, WI 01/29/2014 (BasicsMedia) – For such a long time, the people of Vietnam have suffered a great deal, especially those living in the Diaspora, in terms of being able to send money back home to their loved ones. Fortunately, Xoom Corporation (NASDAQ:XOOM) has seen this huge need and developed a solution that will eradicate this problem among the Vietnamese. It may seem such a small and probably insignificant gesture made by XOOM, not until you realize that with this, it now runs its operations and offers solutions regarding money transfer services to 31 countries worldwide.

The service is currently available to Vietnamese Americans, who have been on the lookout for a reliable means of sending money back home. However, they can only send money back home to a Vietnamese Dong checking account, as long as it is in Vietnam. The Vietnamese have tended to suffer in this regard, since they do not have enough options to choose from, which they can trust. This has  gone on despite many Vietnamese Americans being online quite a lot and using mobile-related services to cater for their daily needs. They have been underserved for long.

The advantage that the Xoom Corporation (NASDAQ:XOOM) service enjoys over what the competition offers, is that it is convenient, safe, and cost-effective. In addition to the above, any Vietnamese using this service will be entitled to access the 24/7 customer service, where they will find answers to all their questions and concerns. Forthwith, no Vietnamese will have to queue or wait in long lines for a chance to send money back home, or to fill out forms regarding the above. Whether you want to send money using your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, you now have the chance to do so.

The Xoom money transfer services to Vietnam, offers clients the chance of not worrying about keeping money in the house or walking with it around the streets. The people you send money to can access the Vietnamese Dong through their usual bank accounts to confirm that they have received it, and only withdraw it when they want to use it. Vietnamese can now send up to $2,999 to their friends and relatives back in Vietnam by paying a fee of only $2.99. It offers both security and convenience to people in need of reliable and efficient money transfer services.

Xoom Corporation (NASDAQ:XOOM) endeavors to market this new money transfer service to Vietnam properly though its ads on Vietnamese television stations. As proof of how reliable and trustworthy XOOM’s money transfer services are, during the 12-month that ended on September 30,2013 it announced that its close to a million active customers, had been responsible for sending more than $5.1 billion to various destinations around the world. After opening up the Vietnamese version, this amount will increase, thus enabling Xoom to boost its revenues and remain attractive to shareholders.

Finally, Xoom Corporation (NASDAQ:XOOM) is still working on extending its money transfer services using mobile phones, computers, and tablets, to other countries around the world. It has demonstrated that it has the capacity to serve its customers with secure, convenient, cost-effective, and highly effective solutions.

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