Tomahawk, WI 05/16/2014 (Basicsmedia) – YY Inc (ADR) (NASDAQ:YY) is a revolutionary renowned  real-time and interactive social media platform, reported about the unaudited results of Q1-2014 that ended on March 31. The China-based company helps the wide user-base communicate by voice, video and text. The CEO and Cofounder, David Xueling Li came up with a detailed announcement pertaining to economic statistics.

Quarterly Results

In Q1-2014, YY Inc (ADR)(NASDAQ:YY) has exquisitely fared, above excellence! Revenues garnered  stood at 111.6% powered to a whopping $107.2 million year-over-year. Holistic income increased phenomenally in the first quarter by a margin of 187%, closing at RMB183.6 million. In Q1-2013, on the contrary, YY had bagged net income worth RMB63.9 million. This clearly projects that pronounced measures and rigorous steps taken over the past one year has resulted in rampant increase in net income almost three folds!

YY Inc (ADR)(NASDAQ:YY) showed an improved generation of revenue in the realm of entertainment and music. The revenues distinctly shot up from RMB116.8 million to a whopping RMB383.1 (a significant increase of 228%) over a year’s tenure! Furthermore, YY progressed in garnering revenues from Online gaming by 36.3% between the first quarters of 2013 and 2014. Incomes particularly of Non GAAP basis hiked up during Q1-2014 from RMB82.1 million (in Q1-2013) to RMB207.6 million, by a phenomenal 153%.

Thus, the total revenue notched up by YY increased summarily by 136.9%, exceeding the average growth of the software internet industry by 20.6%. YY has registered a Debt-to-Equity ratio of Zero. This certainly shows favorable signs and how introspectively YY can plan its budget to cover the necessary short term needs.

CEO Projects Better Growth in 2014-15

The CEO of YY Inc (ADR)(NASDAQ:YY) was excited at the advent of a skyrocketing profits throughout 2013 and Q1-2014. The company plans to launch intensive real-time hosting and use the current momentum to obtain newer and bigger opportunities, and  The CEO pointed at the robust and skyrocketing performance by YY during 2013-14. He also focused on ways to maneuver social media to account for better revenues.

However, the cause of concern behind dropping of YY stocks might be attributed to the trending news of an anti-pornography drive across Beijing, that has put YY in trouble.

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