Shopping is something every human does. People shop for food supply, tools to use, clothing apparels, decoration items, utensils and much more. In fact, shopping is the core concept that defines human civilization, people earn money in order to spend money on their needs or leisure. Since shopping involves money people are always looking to reduce their expenditure on it, searching for good deals on their purchase such as beauticool discount code.

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The whole concept of shopping is pretty simple, manufacturers manufacture an article and deliver it to distributors who in turn sell it to whole-sellers. The whole-sellers, in turn, sell those articles to retail outlets from where a person could buy it, thereby completing the ‘demand and supply chain’. Now since shopping is the oldest activity we humans have been partaking in, there are numerous ways to sell along with numerous ways to buy and numerous methods to teach one to sell and buy. Let’s briefly summarize the evolution of shopping over time.

Brief History of shopping: Shopping then

Contrary to the present market, where people are fanatically searching for ways to save some money by employing methods such as price negotiation and coupons such as beauticool coupon, shopping in ancient times didn’t involve money.

In ancient times markets worked on a ‘barter system’ basis ie, humans trade one commodity for other for example a food gatherer would trade some of his gathered food with another person for some firewood and that person would trade the surplus food for an ax to cut trees. The exchange rate of such goods was dependent on climatic conditions and prevailing customs.

As humans and their societies involved, so did their way to exchange goods. The governments began to mint ‘money’, articles made of precious metals such as silver and copper, which was used to ‘buy’ goods and services. The concept of ‘cost’ – a set and predetermined amount of money to be paid for each article, was established firmly.

After the industrial revolution, people’s way to buy and shop again changed dramatically. Since articles were now produced on a mass scale, they became cheaper and were easily accessible by all. Thus the ‘shopping for pleasure’ – buying more than what was needed and buying things other than basic necessities of life, became commonplace and frequent. In order to promote their goods, the manufacturer began to run advertisements and offer various incentives to buyers such as discount codes, a trend which runs to this day with codes like beauticool coupon.

With the invention of phones, people can now place their orders on phones and with the invention of ‘internet’, the whole industry of ‘online shopping’ rose to prominence. 

Shopping in modern times ie, shopping now

Nowadays, there are several ways a person can shop, such as –

  • Traditional shopping – Visiting a physical store to buy an article.
  • Phone shopping – Ordering items from a store via a phone call
  • Online shopping – Placing orders on an internet site and getting them delivered.

Among these shopping methods, online shopping is the most convenient and with offers like beauticool discount code, it is certainly the cheapest too.

Shopping is as old as the human civilization, it has been present since archaic times and would be present in the future too.


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