All of us need to deal with hair fall at some point of time. It is annoying feeling making your lose your self- confidence. This seems to be a vicious cycle and seems to be a nerve ending affair. But you would be really happy to figure out that there is a silver lining and use of Ayurveda products could be of help. In this regard herbal hair oil for hair regrowth could work out to be a lucrative option.

Among men along with women Ayurveda products are a viable solution as far as hair loss is concerned and since ancient times they have been an effective form of hair loss treatment. Let us explore a series of Ayurveda treatments that can help you address the issues of hair loss.

The research of Ayurveda as far as hair loss is concerned appears to be structured and experts can clearly pinpoint the reasons for hair loss. As per this form of treatment it is related to body type and can be classified into three major categories. The features of each person tend to be distinct and for this reason the causes of hair fall can also go on to vary.

The main reason for hair loss is pitta dosha. This tends to govern our digestion along with metabolism. If a balance of this dosha is maintained it balances our body and soul. Our overall wellbeing of the health is maintained by this dosha. Once you have gone on to identify the reasons of this dosha it becomes easy to rectify it. If you are into bad habits or your lifestyle is tapering off this is a type of dosha that you are bound to suffer. Even when you consume excess of tea, coffee or spicy food you tend to become a victim of this dosha. In addition some of the other causes of this dosha are lack of sleep, hormonal changes in women even , fungal infections. Not only you can opt for best herbal hair oil for hair fall there are some home remedies that can be adopted


Also referred to as king  of the herbs and pretty much like the name it goes on to encourage hair growth. Even it goes on to reverse the process of balding and helps to deal with issues of premature greying. Normally this ingredient is available in the form of a powder or even in oil form. When you apply it on the scalp it has a soothing effect and helps you to sleep better.


Not only this remedy helps you to deal with issues of hair fall, but for treating indigestion and purifying blood this is an amazing ingredient. In this form of treatment it helps to address the issue of dandruff and when you combine it with shikakai this works as a natural dye providing it a dark brown colour. This has to be applied in the form of a paste.

These are some Ayurveda remedies helping to deal with issues of hair loss and hair fall.


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