There are many students who find the CBSE Mathematics for Class 8th Grade challenging than other subjects.  CBSE schools have NCERT books which help the student to know the concepts and basics of the topic.

If you have finished NCERT books, then you can prefer online 8th class maths study material to perform best in the academic. But before going ahead, let’s know about the chapters in class 8 CBSE math:

  • Rational Numbers

This chapter is all about the properties of real numbers, rational numbers, representation of a rational number and additive and multiplicative identity.

  • Linear Equations in One Variable

In this chapter, you will know the concept of a linear equation and different methods to solve them. With this, you will learn about reducing equations to a simpler form and also their applications.

  • Understanding Quadrilaterals

This chapter teaches the basics of a quadrilateral, polygon, kinds of quadrilateral and polygon.

  • Practical Geometry

In this chapter, you will learn to draw 4 sides in a quadrilateral with 2 adjacent sides, 3 angles, and 1 diagonal area given.

  • Data Handling

This will make you learn to organize the data in a systematic method and also their representation in the form of pictograph, a bar graph, double bar graph, pie chart, and histogram.

  • Square and Square Roots

This chapter will tell you about the squares of numbers and their properties. Also, you will get to know about various patterns of squares and square roots of numbers.

  • Cube and Cube Roots

This chapter includes cubes of different numbers, cubes of numbers by adding consecutive odd numbers pattern, cube roots of a number, solving cube roots by prime factorization method.

  • Comparing Quantities

This chapter will teach you to compare quantities such as an increase or decrease in percentage.

  • Algebraic Expressions and Identities

This chapter will make you come across the algebraic expressions and their types. You will get to solve like and unlike terms, addition and subtraction, multiplication of algebraic expressions, and their implementation.

  • Visualizing Solid Shapes

In this chapter, you will study different shapes such as cubes, cuboids, cones, cylinders, spheres, hemispheres pyramids, triangular and application of Euler’s formula.

  • Mensuration

Mensuration chapter will help the student to learn about the perimeter and areas enclosed by the figure and surface area, the volume of a solid figure, and also the transformation of the quantity into other units.

  • Exponents and Powers

This chapter includes the powers of exponents and laws of exponents.

  • Direct and Inverse Proportions

This chapter includes the problems related to direct and inverse proportion and includes various other properties.

  • Factorization

As per the name, it includes methods of factorization. With this, the student will also learn the division of algebraic expression.

  • Introduction to Graphs

From this chapter, a student will learn the representations of data by a bar graph, histogram, pie chart, line graph, linear graph, and application based on the graph.

  • Playing with Numbers

This chapter revolves around the numbers in a general form, puzzles related to numbers, divisibility tests.

While preparing the NCERT book, a student can search for CBSE 8th grade maths worksheets to achieve good scores in the examination.


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