Hashtags are effective ways to get people to pay attention to a post. This is the way you get people on Instagram to see your work, product, or service.

Mastering hashtags is essential for any business, and this guide should help you do just that. Keep in mind that posts with hashtags could average about 12.6 percent more engagement than uploads that are not accompanied by the right hashtag. 

Guide to Use Hashtags

Instagram is all about getting followers, engagement, and likes to have a chance of turning those views into customers. Hashtags are used by posters to categorize each post so that users can easily find content by their likes, such as eating, sports, or making money.

It may sound easy enough, but the reality is this gets a little more complicated. Businesses that want to improve their engagement are going to have to learn how to use hashtag analytics tips that aim to use hashtags strategically. You want to do the following:

Track Hashtag Success

Analyzing how effective each post allows you to figure out which of your hashtags gathered most people. Each post examined helps improve hashtag usage, making a business an even better Instagram user, which is what you want. 

Follow the Trend

Attempting to catch a trend and follow it is hard, but Instagram has introduced a way for users to do just that. Following trends and hashtags allow you to see if specific hashtags are good enough for you to use or if you should consider switching. 

Clickable Hashtags

Another feature that businesses using Instagram should be excited about is clickable hashtags that can be added to a company’s bio. Having this clickable hashtag gives you a higher chance of being able to convert a visitor into a customer by leading him or her where you want them to go. The clickable hashtag can be used to promote a community related to your business or to highlight the content related to your brand. 

Branded Tags

An additional type of hashtag that businesses should try to use is branded hashtags. These tags are linked to your company, which could be done in a few ways like by merely tagging your company’s name. Other companies use their tagline while others use a phrase or word that describes their company, so it is up to you. Make sure it is memorable because you want others to remember your tag. 

Suggestion Tool

Sometimes, it is hard to figure out a hashtag that is industry-specific or about something your customers find appealing. At this point, you are going to want to use a suggestion tool, and there are several good ones you can choose from online. Granted, most of the good ones come with a price, so be willing to spend a little money to get words or phrases with a high probability of success.

Hopefully, some of this information makes it easier for you to figure out how to use hashtags on Instagram effectively to promote your business.


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