The term ‘telematics’ is referred to a device that merges telecommunication and informatics. In other words, ‘telematics’ is a combination of the words telecommunication and informatics. This is used to describe the methods and usage of communication and information technology in order to transmit, store and receive data from devices to operate them over a specific network.

Coming to the telematics in the automobile industry, the growth and the implementation of technology is never ending, especially from the present generation onwards. Telematics is being implanted in every automobile industry and in every vehicle worldwide to check for any sort of flaws causing any type of disturbances. This way, any sort of obstruction can be fixed faster. Alongside this, telematics provides a wireless connection that helps in meeting the users needs up to the mark.

In a busy country like India with a constant development in the economy, it is very important to stay up to the point when it comes to technology and intelligence. Initiating telematics in the automotive industry brings a resolution in the sector of automovies by introducing the system of intelligent traffic.

Telematics helps in real time situations such as traffic, positioning, tracking, and parking management. Safety measures are also given priority to reduce the risk of meeting with an accident. India is a vast nation. There is a lot of potential when it comes to the adoption of M2M technology, ie, machine to machine technology. Such technologies are designed in such a way that they can be incorporated into all types of transportation vehicles, be it cars, small and heavy trucks, tractors, trains, etc. The data modules of M2M technology is really sophisticated and it comes with upgraded features that are a must to be used in today’s time. There are some telematic devices that is a part of the transportation sector that help in getting real time update. Essentials such as navigation, stolen vehicle recovery, infotainment systems, electronic toll systems, and vehicle diagnostics are easily provided by the telematic devices.

Transportation is the pillar giving constant support to the fast moving lifestyle in this current generation and will continue to support it in tomorrow’s time. The weight of dependance that transportation carries due to the people is immense. The functioning of telematics is becoming better day by day and the value to the automotive as a whole itself is increasing. Despite certain challenges like awareness and adoption of M2M technology, Asia and above all India has created a considerable break-through within the Telematics house. India as a country faces problems relating to client awareness. Most of the high-end buyers don’t seem to be aware of the various issues or problems that could take place, however telematics will make their life easier and less complicated and the utilization of this would bring in many advantages for them.


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